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Painted from inside my car while the wind was howling and the waves were crashing ashore, with a perfect view of Northeast Lighthouse while the sun trying to push through the thick grey clouds over Block Island Sound. I tried to capture the power of the waves and water in this little picture.

It blew hard over the span of three days, not exactly what I had in mind for a paint-immersion weekend. (See also 'Patch of Sun'). Emboldened by rain gear bought on sale in New Shoreham and the comfort of a station wagon, I completed several small paintings against the steering wheel of my car (I mean, my 'easel') before calling it quits and returning to the relative calm of the mainland. I'll never know if the sun came out the minute I left the Island, but I do know waves are at their beautiful best in a gale.

Plein Air painting
Block Island Gale
acrylic on paper, matted and framed
6 x 12